Souvenir booth: Come get your favorite racers or RMC souvenirs. Booth is located on the pits side of the track


Food: At every race there are food vendors offering soda, water, hamburgers, hotdogs etc...

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The RMC Raceway, Championship Motorcycle Drag Series, is located in Oley, PA on the property of the 4th oldest Motorcycle Club in the United States, Reading Motorcycle Club. Our track is macadam with a concrete start pad, paved return strip, computerized .400 pro tree and .500 sportsman ET tree timing system with time slips, a safety run off trap, spacious pit area with pit side seating, and overnight camping for night drag competitors. We have ample spectator seating & parking, unlimited pit access, food vendors, a souvenir stand and only a $10.00 admission, with kids under 12 being free.


We operate a unique 480 foot race track program open to the public. Saturday & Sunday points series racing includes many “heads up” classes, ET Shootout classes, and two index classes that provide more track time than MOST sanctioned bracket racing can. Our Junior & Senior Youth classes are growing with well over 40 youngsters under the age of 16.  Our season includes 6 points races plus the invitational anniversary bash and the year ends with an Awards Banquet to celebrate all winners.



We enjoy showcasing our outstanding racers, their bikes, and competitive racing.


Come on out and experience the fan-friendly atmosphere here at RMC Raceway.



How We Race


Our drag racing is a double elimination system which means you have to lose twice to be eliminated from winning first or second place points and prize money. However, if your class has a sufficient number of entrants to allow payouts for third or even fourth or lower place, we then run a separate SINGLE elimination ladder for those who have lost twice to determine the third or fourth or lower place position point or payout winners. Do not pack up after 2 losses unless you are sure the class is only paying out for first or second.


Our classes are basically determined by the engine displacement and if the frame and/or swing arm have modifications. The technical committee personnel are responsible at signup and tech inspection for determining the lowest class you may compete in, however you are permitted to enter and race in one or more higher classes. (A 600cc street bike may also race in a larger displacement street class as well as in 600cc or larger modified classes).


On any race day, the classes which will be run and the number of finishing positions that receive a payout are determined by the Competition Committee based on the number of entrants in each class that day. Three entrants constitute a class. Classes may be combined and racers bumped up into other classes by the Competition Committee when the ladders are determined before the riders meeting. The classes to be run and the number of finishing position payouts are announced at the riders meeting and no changes are allowed after eliminations begin.

Your ladder position determined by qualifying runs. You must run your bye runs and if your competitor breaks or fails to show on time, you must make a clean pass in your assigned lane. Round one lane assignments are also determined by qualifying position.


Racers are given two practice/qualifying runs before eliminations, which determine ladder position based on E.T. and/or reaction time.

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Both parents MUST complete the form and have it notarized.

· Notary will be at the track and it will be done for free at dial in day or before any race.

· The MINOR must also complete the 2nd page of the form and it will also be part of the notary process.

· If both parents cannot make it to the track then the form can be taken home and the notary expense is on the parents.

· The MINOR's birth certificate MUST accompany the form when it's presented to the racing staff prior to any racing taking place.

· Should the MINOR be under the care of legal guardians then legal guardianship documents MUST be presented along with the form at notarizing time.

· If legal guardians have the form notarized away from the track then the legal guardianship documents need to be shown to the racing staff when the form is turned in.

· All legal guardians must complete appropriate paperwork, provide current identification, and sign waiver in presence of a notary.  If parent/guardian has sole legal physical custody, appropriate documentation must be provided.

Forms can be picked up at the track during dial-in-day, or a scheduled race. It will not be available for download and must be turned in in person.

· NO Exceptions. Minors will not be permitted on the track, until this form is on file with us.

· · Questions please e-mail Lonnie at DFCYCLE@AOL.COMavailable for download and must be turned in in person.

· NO Exceptions. Minors will not be permitted on the track, until this form is on file with us.

· Questions please e-mail Lonnie at DFCYCLE@AOL.COM

A Day At The Races


Racers find a spot in the pit area (first come first serve) and unload their gear. Go to the booth to sign-up for a class or classes, and register a number, if you do not already have one registered with us. If you need help deciding on a class, just ask, someone will be glad to help.


Next, take your bike to the return lane in front of the sign-up booth, where a track official will give your technical inspection.  All race protective gear is a must to race at the RMC Raceway: full-faced SNELL APPROVED helmet, eye protection, long pants and jacket, boots, gloves. A leather race suit is recommended, and required for some of the faster classes.


Practice/Qualifying will start approximately 2 hours before the stated “race start time”. Classes will be called to the staging lanes to make the first qualifying run. When all classes have made their first run, the second round of qualifying will start, with the same class running order. After qualifying, there will be a short intermission while ladders and payouts are figured. An announcement will be made for all racers to come to the tower, for the riders meeting. At the meeting, classes and racers will be announced, including payouts, and class running order if it has changed from qualifying. This is also the time to ask questions if you are unsure about something. The class and lineup being run is posted on the monitors below the tower and announced over the PA system, as well as classes which should be getting ready or making their way to the staging lanes.


Track personnel will line you up in the staging lanes based on the ladder. When you get to the track, the starter will wave you to the line and let you know when you may do your burnout at the rearmost part of the pad. Prompt pre-stage and stage is expected and monitored.


When you are slowing down after the finish line, be cautious of the other rider. If you are in lane #2 (right lane), DO NOT get to the end of the track and simply make the turn left onto the return road… Let the rider in lane 1 (left lane) safely slow down, and let them make the turn first.


No speeding , burnouts, or unsafe riding is tolerated on the return road. Your time slip (reaction time, 60 ft, ET, MPH) is printed out under the tower deck. The race winner is determined by the finish beams regardless of how the time slip is read. Centerline fouls are the sole decision of the starter.


We operate a Portatree track system with a network computer system and provide 2 racer time slips with date and time, class and round, reaction time, 60' time, and ET/MPH. We have a separate monitor for the announcer which provides for names, bike info, and racer sponsors to be announced along with the results and timing info.