Chris Goggins #131


Race Team:  Dirty Hands Racing (DHR)


Crew Chief: Ross “Dirty Hands” Lutz

Crew: Chuck Wrecsics

Crew: Brent Snyder “Brenne”

Crew: Neil Lester

Crew: John Harper

Photographers: Nadine Lester & Roger Ravier



Sponsors: Dirty Hands Racing, ButterKups Tax Prep, Longs Customer Mechanics, Larry’s Cycle Center,


Bio:  My name is Amelia Lutz and I am 22 years old. The first motorcycle I ever sat on, at 8 months old, was my father’s 1965 Sportster XLCH hard tail. I have been racing at Reading Motorcycle Club (RMC) for 15 years now. Our race team is Dirty Hands Racing (DHR) named after my father because he always has dirty hands due to his occupation. Drag racing is not just a hobby it is a passion and for some people it is their career.  At RMC I have made many friends, some of which I consider family, and I met the love of my life. It has been a huge part of our lives for the past 15 years. I am very thankful to be a part of something so great and to be with people who are so passionate about the sport.

My father got my brother, Zeke, involved in drag racing back in 2000; I was 8 years old at the time. Once I saw what Zeke was racing I wanted in. Later that season my father put me on 1990 Honda 50R and I was set to go. I raced the mini bike up until 2004 in Junior Youth, and took 4th place over all that year. After that my dad custom built all of our drag bikes. In 2005 I moved up to the Senior Youth class at 12 years old, on a small chopper hard tail with an XR 80 (1976) motor in it that was painted pink and purple. My moto for the future years on that bike was, “I don’t care if I win or lose, as long as I look good doing it!” In 2006 I took 4th place over all on that bike and I was nothing but happy.

The years to follow I inherited all my brothers old drag bikes that my dad built. In 2007 I raced a red bike with a 1984 XR 100 motor in it and took 1st place over all in Senior Youth on that bike. The previous year Zeke took 1st place in Senior Youth on that same bike. In 2008 I continued on the XR 100 in Senior Youth and took 2nd place over all that year. 2009 was a crap year for our race team… I moved up to a 1982 RM 125 that we called “The Bullsuki,” because it was a mix between a Bultaco and Suzuki. Also during that year I ran a 1985 Honda 250 - 2 stroke for a friend of ours. Over the next two years we didn’t race and my brother pretty much was done with racing. We had a lot going on at home and just could not work it into our lives as often as we liked. 2010-2011 my dad started building me a custom 1980 – 1000cc Iron Head Sportster hard tail style bike and painted it this awesome green color. Finally a bike just for me and not one of my brothers hand-me-down bikes.

2012 rolled around and Dirty Hands racing was back at it again! With my new, very green and bright, drag bike and a bigger and faster bike for Zeke to come back on! It was a Harley Davidson Twin Cam 1400cc all stretched out and once again built entirely by my father. My brother raced most of that year but quit because he and my father didn’t get along much anymore and it just wasn’t for him anymore. I decided I wanted to run the Twin Cam just for the hell of it one night. I was a little too small for it but I tried my best anyway and ran the big bike the best I could.

So in 2013 I raced the Iron head in Sportsmen ET and took 2nd place over all just a few points shy of 1st place. It was by far my favorite bike and still is today. I could run 7.30s on that baby all day long and nothing would change, most consistent I had ever been since the XR 100. We brought back the XR 80 chopper for a new rider to add to the Dirty Hands Racing Team; and year we had 3 riders; me, Kyle, and Gunner. DHR expanded to the AMA Pro Hill Climbs series for our buddy John Harper. This was also the year I met my love, Zach, here at RMC. It was one of the happiest years I have had there.

2014 I moved up to Pro ET and Pro Street Push Rod at 22 to run with the “big boys” on my 2001 Evo Sportster 1200cc, painted a beautiful orange color called Mango Tango. Not expecting to accomplish much in the Push Rod class I took 4th over all that year. DHR gained another rider and the big Twin Cam came back into the picture, giving us Brandon to add to the team and later replaced by our good buddy Tommy.

2015 has just started for us since I am writing this in April of 2015; but I am sure this year is going to be great for my race team and me. I am racing the Evo again this year with all the technical stuff and this and that, so it should be an interesting and hopefully fast year for me. We yet again gained another rider totaling 5 (myself, Kyle, Gunner, Tommy, and Daniel) the little chopper and the Honda 250 are still around on the team. I love our team and everyone that has helped all of us over the years. So this may have been more of a short story than a bio (Haha) but that is everything about me since I started at RMC 15 years ago. Come out at support Dirty Hands Racing, RMC and all its racers!!!









#57 & #17L Amelia Lutz