Race Team:† Black Widows


Crew Chief:















Chris Goggins #131

Super Mod, 2014


Race Team: Black Widows

Crew Chief: Shakey

Crew: † Gene†††

Crew:† John Wagner

Crew: † Laura Wasylak


Sponsors: Douglasville Hotel, Napa Auto Parts, Harmony Auto & Cycle Center


Bio:† Around 2008 I bought a CB 750 Honda and with Ricky Harpers help I was racing.

It didnít last long because the funds were short.† I have had 3 more bikes since then, all Suzuki. This past winter I found a fourth 1100 GS Suzuki that has a rolling chassis, in Virginia, with a motor built RPM Shop, Delmont NJ and thatís my ride.


I would like to say a special thanks to:

Whitey, for getting me involved.

Lonnie DeTurk and family for all the technical knowledge and help they have given me.

Brad Nash for his motor expertise, RPM Shop.

Gene, my brother, for being there!

My lovely fiancť Laura for putting up with my mood swings when the bike isnít running right and

Last but never least, my biggest fan, my mom. Ďnough said!!!!






Dean Shakespeare #17