Team Report - Drew Devecchio #85Text Box:

#85 Drew Devecchio




Crew: Bob Wilson, Ed Lerner, David Devecchio, Phil Panarella


Sponsors: Team Termite

Age -57 Profession -Insurance Auto, Motorcycle, Heavy Equip Appraiser,

Home- Waterford N.J.

Family-Wife De, Dauugher, Denyal 22, Son David 31, Dog Yellow Lab, Cody

Racing Years-41 All Motorcycle

Scrambles, Moto Cross, Flat Track -10yrs 1971-81

Pro Flat Track Class C- 5yrs 1977-81

Enduro-B Heavy- 4 yrs 1981-84

Dirt, Sand, Tar Drags- 32yrs 1981-Present


Present Drag Racing Motorcycle-1986 Yamaha FJ 1380cc, 5 Speed Air Shifted, Slider Clutch,83 Wheel Base ,15 inch rear tire, normally aspirated gas & nitrous oxide, Horse Power? Always need MORE!


Reason for Racing-I LIVE FOR THIS STUFF!

I tell people I race 50% for the Competition and love of the sport and 50% for the people. I have grown up with motorcycles and racing. I had most every birthday at some type of motorcycle race. I have owned 2 Yamaha Dealers, I started and ran a motorcycle mail order company for an employer and then started my own, promoted and run a motorcycle & ATV Moto Cross track. This sport that I am in promotes competition, team work, families and friendship. The racing allows young and old as everyday racers to be able to call on professional racing icons, and major professional engine builders and manufactures and get help and support. The names that I will mention next are technically my advise and mentor sponsors and friends. Joe Hahn (Orient Express owner Rush Deal 200mph Pro Street Bike), Larry & Steve McBride (Spiderman Top Fuel first into 5 sec mile), Ryan Schnitz (Schnitz Racing 1st Pro Street Bike into 6 sec mile. The people that I have met in my motorcycle journey are the best people on earth.