Text Box: Known to his Friends as “Hardtimes”
Black Widows Forever, Forever Black Widows
Skakey’s Story:  Hardtimes came over, with my first bike, to help me wrench on it. It needed the carbs cleaned. He said that he’ll clean the first two, I clean the last two. He “picked his arm up” and cleaned them, turned to me and said “now you clean those” so I “picked my arm up” and glanced towards him. With a big ass grin he said “you’re an asshole, I love you”!!!
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Jennifer Benau Goggins 6.26.2014
~tears~ RIP Hardtimes, prayers to your family! 

Joe DiMaio RIP dusty
Stephanie Clymer Rest in peace friend !
Jim Yost R I P BROTHER...
Troy Hartz Rip brother
Justin Focht Rip
Steve Hegeman Jr. Rip brother
Marlene Higgins He has always known my name, but in the last few months has wanted to call me Annabelle...so my friend, this is Annabelle, wishing your family peace and you godspeed..
Rob Ringstaff Rip brother
Dee MoyerPinter Rest I'm peace my dear friend Steve, aka hardtimes! Thoughts and prayers for the family!
Linda Benjamin Moyer Oh no!!! I had no idea of Steve's passing!!! I am so saddened.
Jason Thompson RIP brother...
Michele Slisher Marlene Higgins....that's funny cuz I was Sandy!!!
Bev Beissel-Hosler and I was Deb!
Cheryl Werner Boughter RIP Steve ♡
Carl Weikel Sr. Rip brother!!!!!!!!
Mike Miller Rip brother you will be missed
Robyn Himmelberger Blank I was bird or kelly
Bob White he was one of my best friends i will miss him dearly
Marlene Higgins Has anyone talked to Goodie? Is he ok?
Bob White Me and goody spent some time together today it's bin hard on both of us but he'll be ok
Marlene Higgins Good to hear Whitey, love u!
Keith Wetzel Rip in peace brother
Wayne Schnorrbusch rip brother you'll be missed
Danny Bieber So sad rip and prayers for his family and close friends
Marlene Higgins Whitey, my apologies,. I forgot how close you were with Steve...not intentional love, my thoughts and prayers with you both
LeAnn Wolf Stevie Godspeed and prayers to your family you always had a smile and always knew my name
Brenda Fies- Beissel RIP Steve .prayers of strength for you WHITEY and GOODY .I know you were the three Amigos ....oh and happy he remembered my name too.
Linette Conrad Gehris He gave good hugs ! I got my last hug back in May
Marlene Higgins Good for you LeAnn Wolf, kinda liked Annabelle…
Diane Smith Conrad Thoughts and prayer to his family and his brothers and sisters at the club. May he rest in peace.
Clint Albright RIP brother!!! Will miss the good times at the bar!!
Daniel Oswald Just Heard, can't believe it
Kristen Stoss Maurer RIP Steve! You were a really nice buy and will be missed.
Lonnie Stroble Just got home from The Biker Church, we had no idea or there would have been many prayers! RIP Steve! May your soul rest in Jesus' arms now! May all your family and friends be at peace knowing he has welcomed you home!
Terry Fichter Steve was usually the first to greet a new face. Rest in peace Hard Times
Cindy Webber RIP Steve Prayers for your family, Goody and Whitey too!! So sad to hear this!!!
Deborah Wise Way too young, my prayers and thoughts will be with his family.
Ziggy Schmitt You will be dearly missed, my brother. RIP

Dean Shakespeare 6.27.2014
This is the first bike when we Formed the black widows there's the man our wrench I will miss you dearly and all the fun times we had black widow forever, forever black widows Godspeed my brother will race again someday say hello to my pop he always liked you

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Jennifer Benau Goggins ♡♡♡
Steve Goggins Yeh we will miss the original bw crew chief... he taught me alot wrenching together in my driveway... love you brother... fttl.
Igor Kreamer R.I.P. BROTHER
Dee MoyerPinter  ♡♡

Dean Shakespeare 6.27.2014
I'd like to give a shout out to my other black widow brothers Bob White Steve Goggins we've come a long way since the early days are black widow family has grown sometimes we forget how important we are to each other we get caught up in the daily grind and don't take time to share how we feel I’d like to thank Bobby White for talking me into starting the team With him and Steve we brought hard times in as our go to guy Without those three widows And the Deturck family I wouldn't have gotten as far as I have on the track my goal this year is to win the point championship for my brother Hardtimes I am taking this loss very hard he always tells the story how I saved his life I really didn't do much just pounded on his chest and hollered his name real loud over and over until he came to I wish I could have been there again you were a true friend I will miss you very much I love you Man your brother Shakey
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Jennifer Benau Goggins love you man!
Denise Beaver Russell Hugs to you and all of the racers/ families.
Steve Goggins Bwffbw my brothers
Troy Hartz Love you Shakey brother, You to Steve and Whitey Love u guys.
Joe DiMaio BWF FBW
Melissa Oister I'm sorry to hear this!! Love you!
Igor Kreamer Great words Brother..L.L.H.&R.
Laura Wasylak   ♡♡♡♡
Angela Shakespeare Troupe Love you Bro
Cheryl Werner Boughter Much love to you Shakey ♡
Shawn Ingram Sorry for your loss bro
Linette Conrad Gehris He has touched a lot of people a lot different ways
Gene Shakespeare That's just beautiful brother I love you man and so true
Pat Kutish Heckman He was one of a kind. John grew up with him and his brothers. He could never remember my name and we always joked about that. He will be sadly missed by all.
Elizabeth Shakespeare Dean I liked hard time he was a good man always trying to help people out I am sad luv momma
Bets Adams so sad..........knew him 30 years....was my nephew's best friend back then. heartbreaking
Deb Miller DeTurck Thinking of all you guys... He will be missed. Shakey we love you very much.

Bob White 6.26.2014
After 2 days the tears are starting to dry up. So here we go.. Lost a real special friend and club brother, Hard Times he put endless hours in my shop when we built my race bike witch i could have never done without his help he also rebuilt and put new cranks in 2 race motors for me in his spare time. Will never forget the great times at my party’s at the farm and the tent village at RMC back in the day hanging out at Goody’s and so much more i could go on for ever he was a great man and his heart was in the rite places. he loved sitting on my porch watching the birds an looking them up in my bird book his passion for racing with his brothers and of course the Black Widows Shakey Steve an myself I am really gone to miss him as many more will RIP Brother Steve Hard Times Gourner God Speed love ya man see ya on the other side.
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Terry Fichter: He was a brother and a good hearted person we will all miss him. God bless you Steve
Keith Slavek :He was a good brother. I'll miss him too.
Katelyn White Sailer I'm sorry dad  .. Thinking of you
Linette Conrad Gehris He has really touched a lot of ppl ! Me being one of them! Whitey I will never forget the first time u introduced me to Stevie at Pikeville!! He was a great man
Michael P Parr Sorry for your loss Bob. Sounds like he was an awesome friend.
Laurie Henry Frost You know....it seems like we are losing more and more people at an accelerated rate....one of the bad things about aging.... sorry Whitey!
Gary Novack He will be missed by many Bob.
Jennifer Benau Goggins ~tight hugs~
Susan K. Clifford Saine Sorry you lost such a wonderful friend. My sympathies sent to you and the family. 
Clark Behm Sorry for your loss Bob. HUG
Betsy Moyer So sorry Whitey ! I understand your pain! My heart goes out to you !
Bets Adams love you buddy, stay strong....you know that's what he would say XO
Nichole T Simpson ♡
Bobbi Reber Robinson So sorry for the loss of your friend, Whitey:(
Cindi Wentzel Bjorke Hold tight to the memories. Sorry for your loss.
GaryCaveman Bruder God rest his soul...he was a very righteous brother!
Lynn Kiefer-Civitarese Sorry for your loss..
Brenda Rhoads McAfee Sorry for your loss 
George Lewis We will never understand why the good ones are taking from us. But to the ones you have around us now the memory's are to be made. We are there for each other in times like this. That's what makes us friends and brothers.
George Heiserman RIP Brother
Cindy Webber I will always remember Hard Times , Goody and second hand smoke watching meteors !! Such a Great Guy !! Thinking of you guys Sooo sorry Hugs !!
Natalie DeTurk Sending you & Goody lots of love...xoxo

Dean Shakespeare 6.29.2014
Hard times last ride we carry you now in our hearts and memories. Will never forget the good times black widows forever, forever black widow. Rest in peace my friend and try not to stir up too much trouble!

Denise Beaver Russell 6.29.2014
Even though we rode to pay our final respects to two of our friends~ the love we all have for one another was evident~ RIP Liz and Hard times.
Bob White 6.29.2014
Went to pay my last respects to a good friend tonight. My prayers are with you and your family.
 Hard Times love ya and gonna miss ya RIP Steve

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Stephen W. Goerner


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