Text Box: Jeremy Burns #116

2012 Super Modified Champion!

Race Team: Fochtup Racing

Crew: Walter Burns Sr

Crew: Baily Burns

Crew: Jeremy Burns

Crew: Justin Focht

Crew: Gary Spalding

Crew:† Ruthe Burns

Crew: Lisa Lattanzio

Crew: Caidan Laccarino


Team members: Justin Focht (117), Jeremy Burn (116), Gary Spalding (34)


Sponsors: Overhead Door Company of Reading, Olyviaís Italian Eatery, TexStyles Imprinted Sportswear and Apparel


Bio:††††† I grew up around motorcycles.† I learned to ride on a YZ 490.† In the early 90ís, I drag raced street cars, a 1986 dodge omni GLH Turbo.† I drag raced with my car for about 3 years and also grudge raced my bike (1995 CVR 900 RR) on Friday nights at the Grove.† In the end of the 95 season, I crashed my CVR and was hospitalized for over a week.† Shattered the old kneecap.† I swore I would never ride a motorcycle again.


Fast forward to following spring, hearing motorcycles on the road, made me want to ride again.


About 6 years ago, I started coming to the RMC Raceway as a spectator, well this really gave me the itch to put a bike together to run.† So, I bought a 2004 ZX1000 R Kawasaki, and started the build process.† It took 3 years until I finally got my bike built the way I wanted, and brought it to the track for the first time in 2012.


The RMC 2012 Racing season was my first drag racing season.† My first win was the in the first race of the season, and letís just say I was hooked! Throughout the 2012 season, it was a huge learning curve for me, and I have to give credit to my team and all the great racers at RMC, even those in my own class that were more than happy to point me in the right direction.† Itís gonna be constant evolution for my team, my machine and myself for the 2013 racing season.† I just want to add that coming here to RMC Raceway, being with the racers makes me feel part of a big family.† I would just like to give thanks to everyone at RMC.




Jeremy Burns #116