Chris Goggins #131

Race Team:  Balls Out Racing


Crew Chief:     Sean Maciejewski,

Crew: Jen Maciejewski

Crew: Andy Baloga

Crew: Danny Bieber


Team members: Alex Bieber, AJ Baloga, Megan Bieber, Dillon Schaffer, Emily Baloga, Kayla Maciejewski, Gunnar Maciejewski


Sponsors:       DEKA Batteries


Bio:      I'm not your average girly girl.  When it comes to racing, I take it very seriously and get into my own zone.  I started racing when I was 9 years old.  I took over my mom's Baja Mini and never gave it back.  Together, my brother, Gunnar, and I proved ourselves our first year we raced.  Now that we have started, we never want to stop.  Not only do I look forward to the races alone, I look forward to being with my racing family and friends.  Without them racing would be nothing.  The support my brother and I have is amazing.  Even though my dad was not able to be with me during the 2014 race season, I know that he is by my side even if he is on the other side of the world.  I'm so proud of him and hope that I make him proud.  Go Balls Out Racing!!!!







Kayla Maciejewski #9