Pee Wee Shoot Out

Saturday September 29, 2018, during Grudge Racing

call out your Mom Or Dad to race your drag bike!!!

Jr. &† Sr. Youth Class, now is the time to have a bit of fun with the folks.

†††††††††† Have they ever told you how to race your bike and you feel they just donít understand, what you, as a racer, are dealt with??

†††††††††† Have you ever wanted to see them ride your bike?

†††††††††† Have you ever wanted to make fun of them and tell them how to race?

Have you ever wanted to see them race against your racing friends parents on their bikes?

Well cowpokes, now is the time. Itís the Pee Wee Shoot Out.


Your child must be in Jr. or Sr. Class

Your Child must sign YOU up!

One qualifying time run

Single elimination

Dial in full tree

Any kind of helmet will do†


And itís FREE