Text Box: Sara Kulp #47Sara Kulp #47

Crew: † Wayne Kulp

Crew:†† Dave Wade,


Sponsors:† Shanner Industrial Services


Bio:††††† I started racing motorcycles in 2011 at 9 years old.† My first bike was a dirt bike (PW50), and worked my way up to my current 205 CC Custom bike.† My dad and I built my current bike during the 2011 winter in preparation of racing the 2012 season.† In 2011 I learned a lot about drag racing and came in 6th place for the year.


Before the RMC 2012 racing season started, I crashed my new bike during testing.† I had to get 4 stitches in my knee.† We didnít think I was going to make it to the RMC 2012 dial in day because of it.† Luckily, my stitches could be removed, just a few days before dial in day and I made it!


In 2012, I won three races and won the championship for the year in the Jr Youth class at the RMC Raceway!† There were a lot of great racers I had to beat in get my championship.† I met lots of new people who helped and guided me in drag racing.† I even seem to have my own fan club, as there are a lot of people who cheer me on!† I didnít think I was going to make it this far, and am so happy I got my first championship.


I would like to thank all my friends and family who support me in drag racing.† Next year, we are building an even bigger motor for my bike.† This one will I will run in Sr youth and maybe even the little modified class.† I am excited for the 2013 RMC Racing Season!