Shaun Roles #94

Crew Chief: Andy Cook

Crew: Shaun Roles

Crew: Chris Bare

Crew: Jennifer Navarro

Crew: Jon O’Connor

Crew: Ken Jeitles

Crew: Travis Smith

Crew: Gabrila Roles


Bio:      I raced motor cross growing up, I was a full member of Pagoda Motor cross Club.  I was coming home from a meeting at the Pagoda with my father, and was struck head on by a drunk driver.  After my accident I could no longer compete in motor cross,  but had met up with Anthony Navarro and got turned on to drag racing.  Bad idea, instant addiction!  My first drag bike was a GSXR 600 with a 750 motor.  My first race was at RMC Raceway in the year 2000. In 2001 and 2002 I raced a stock Hayabusa at RMC.  Both Anthony and myself left RMC to try out a few other sanctioned tracks in 2003. 


Since RMC Raceway recently made so many improvements to their track, I decided to come back to my drag racing roots and have a blast. RMC Raceway is one of the best tracks for economical racing fun.





Shaun Roles #94