Troy Hartz #120


Race Team:  Black Widows


Crew Chief: Dave Perry

Crew: Kyle Lloyd

Crew: Phil Albright

Crew: Mike McAfee


Sponsors: J&H Automotive, Martignetti Construction co., Richard's Farm, Pachella Arms, Lanmark Electric, Deka, John Bruecks Flooring.


Bio:     I started going to RMC Raceway in 2009 watching my Uncle Steve Goggins race in the supermod class. It sparked my interest so in 2010 I got a bike and became one of the Black Widows Racing members which my Uncle Steve was a founder of. I started out in sportsman ET, I ran that class for 3 yrs on a Kz 650. But watching my uncle Steve race supermod and I wanted to be like him. I always looked up to him and the things he did.  Quickly motorcycles became my passion thanks to him. I now race in the supermod class for 2 seasons and the 3rd is coming up.  I also want to give a shout out on here to Lonnie Deturck for everything he has done for me along the way.








Troy Hartz #120