Zach Pinter #8Z

Team:  Zach’s Racing


Crew Chief: Frank Pinter


Crew: Denise Pinter


Sponsors: Schaeffer’s HD, Schultz Catering



I started racing here at RMC at the age of 5.  I had a pocket bike I Started out on which had been donated to me.  My aunt Deb taught me how to ride better.  Uncle Lonnie was always there for me too, giving me advice and helping fix things.  

Then at age of 7, I started racing a little drag bike, it had a 49cc mower motor, lowered and stretched.  After one year on that, we changed the motor and started running alcohol fuel in it.  That was fun!  We then upgraded to a 250, and then a 750.

At age 15 I ran a Kawasaki 900 for a year.  This past year in 2017 I began running a Kawasaki KZ 1135 and finished 3rd in points for the season.

This track is a wonderful place for the youth like myself, learning to compete with others, and learning respect for everything and everyone. 



Zack Pinter #8Z